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Greetings from our company to yours. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We are known as JEL Transport and we have been in the logistic and moving business for over 30 years. Our company is based in Mississauga, Ontario. We offer affordable and reliable service for our clients, and customers alike. Below you will note some of the products and services we provide:

Products and Services

Logistics – When it comes to our logistics, we like to provide you, our customer with an affordable shipping experience, and the way we do that is with the following services: 53Ft or Straight truck delivery, Blanket wrap, straps, loading bars, tail-gate, expedite, and courier for the jobs that need secure shipping. We also provide long distance hauling from Ontario to as far west as Alberta. When it comes to delivering the best service possible for our customers, we do not skimp on the service provided.

Moving – When it comes to moving, we don’t call ourselves the best, we just do the best that is possible for you our customer. If you need something done right, and done properly we are the company for you. We offer the following services for moving: 53Ft Trailer Delivery, Blanket wrap, Shrink Wrap, Bubble Wrap, White Glove, Expedite, Straight truck with tail-gate, Dolly, and loading helpers. Each of these services are optional depending on the job, we will ask you, our customer what you will need for your move, and base the rate on that, we do not base rates off of weight, but rather the space used on the truck. (Additional charges apply to anything to do with wrapping, boxing, blanket wrapping and manual labor).
Rate Guarantees

Logistics Rates Guarantee – When it comes to our logistics rates, there are no hidden charges, no lies, if we give you a rate, it is a firm rate to you our customer to do the best we can for the most reasonable of fare.

Moving Rates Guarantee – When it comes to your moving, if you can bring us two rates from our competitors, we will either match their rate or beat it to make the most out of your moving experience.

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